Trias | Dromen krijgen kansen

Sowing seeds of prosperity in townships

With the high unemployment rates, Trias has aligned itself with local business chambers in addressing urgent needs of small business owners in township areas.

European Development Days

Trias shares its Gender inclusion trajectory on 5-6 June at the European Development Days, Europe's leading forum on development since 2006.


Queen Mathilde strong advocate of female entrepreneurship

At the Womed Award ceremony, queen Mathilde was a strong advocate of female entrepreneurship. Society must continue to draw attention to equal opportunities, she said. The queen has attended Trias and Markant's award ceremony for many years.

Everyone has dreams, right?

Unfortunately, obstacles such as poverty, ignorance and exclusion make many people's dreams unattainable. Trias is in the business of removing those obstacles by strengthening farmers' and
entrepreneurs' associations

Trias is active worldwide, helping four million disadvantaged individuals by removing economic barriers. By strengthening organisations of farmers and entrepreneurs, we create opportunities for their self-development. This allows them to make their own dreams come true. After all, no one else can do it for them.