Large expenditure categories (in euros)

  2016 % 2017 %
General management costs 1,462,341 11.30 1,187,911 11.61
Fundraising costs 148,967 1.15 277,923 2.71
Objectives in Flanders 1,039,695 8.03 922,187 9.01
Objectives worldwide 10,295,663 79.52 7,849,453 76.67
TOTAL COSTS 12,946,667 100 10,237,473 100
In 2016, Trias spent 10.23 million euros. 7.84 million euros was spent on pursuing our objectives in overseas countries and regions, which represents almost 77% of our total expenditure. 
Trias spent 922,187 euros on pursuing its objectives in Flanders. This amount allowed Trias to increase popular support for development cooperation in Flanders, in close collaboration with KLJ, KVLV, Landelijke Gilden, Boerenbond, Markant, Neos and Unizo.
General management costs amount to 1.18 million euros, which cover operational and staff expenses for certain departments at the head office, specifically:
• General Management
• Internal Operations & Services Department
• Quality Department
• Program Coordination Department (excluding costs for Learning Advisors) 
Trias invested 277.923 euros in fundraising. This amount covers the staff expenses and operational costs incurred through fundraising.
Trias seeks to balance expenditure from its own resources with other financial aspects of the organisation. The aim is to ultimately achieve a financial ratio of 80% primary processes over secondary processes.