• 11.11.11, leading the North-South movement in Flanders
  • AgriCongo, Belgian alliance for smallholders in Congo
  • AgriCord, worldwide network of development organisations
  • Coalition against Hunger, cooperative association of NGOs tackling food issues 
  • Donorinfo, organisation that publishes charity information 
  • EFQM, a platform that helps organisations improve their quality assurance
  • Ngo-federatie, Flemish sectorial federation of non-governmental organisations
  • Ondernemers voor Ondernemers, cooperative association that raises funds through businesses
  • Procura, knowledge center for non-profit organisations and social economy
  • Social Performance Taskforce, an international organisation with a focus on microfinancing
  • Sociare, Belgium's socio-cultural workers' federation
  •, platform that encourages people to include charities in their wills
  • The Shift, Belgian platform that brings together businesses and charities
  • VEF, Flemish Association for Ethical Fundraising 
  • Wereldmediahuis, publisher of MO* Magazine


  • Focis, platform for development organisations aimed at strengthening civil society in El Salvador
  • Fongi, platform for dvelopment organisations active in Guatemala


  • NGO-Forum Uganda, a platform for Ugandese and international develoment organisations
  • Pelum, a regional network in twelve countries that promotes ecological land use
  • Agri-Pro-Focus Uganda, an international network that stimulates rural entrepreneurship
  • Uganda Agribusiness Alliance, a platform that promotes the development of agri-businesses
  • AMFIU, a platform for microfinance institutions