The contrast couldn't be any bigger: while health services are crumbling under corona in Guayaquil, farmers' cooperatives in the Andes are working together in solidarity.
Until now, only large potato growers in Ecuador had access to certified potato seeds. Trias ensures small- and medium-scale farmers can also use them.
Siebe Moeyaert, student of electromechanics from Gistel, has returned from Ecuador. Together with local potato farmers, he has designed an ingenious packaging machine.
After two years working at Trias Andes, Delphine Scheerens (29) says goodbye to the team. She has worked hard to educate Peruvian farmers on the importance of an inclusive strategy.
The power of cooperative collaboration in Flemish horticulture makes a lasting impression. That's what farmers from the Andes have said today, during their working visit to Belgium.
A coalition of potato specialists supported by Trias has held its second meeting on a freezing chamber for Peruvian farmers. The project starts to take shape.
Elsa Saldaña treated the members of Coalición Chuño to a stew of freeze-dried potatoes. ‘It’s nice to give people a taste of the Andes,’ she said.
'A farmers’ organisation stands or falls depending on its leadership', says Lieve Van Elsen, director of the Trias Ecuador. 'That’s why we invest in education for farmers’ leaders.'
Following the heavy earthquake in Ecuador which claimed 655 lives, Trias has initiated an urgent support action to deliver relief to the victims of the disaster.