The Salvadoran Yancy Ramírez combines studies and working on her parents' coffee plantation with her own shop. 'My cooperative offers me opportunities that other people don't get.'
In El Salvador, 15 young entrepreneurs from Acopajuna have suffered heavy losses because of coronavirus. They want to restart sales of dried sugar cane juice as soon as possible.
Gustavo, from El Salvador, grew up with his grandmother. He didn’t have an easy life. Playing a leading role in a cooperative today is a relief to him.
To escape from poverty, many Salvadorans go abroad. Adiel (20) is one of the model young people who, with the support of Trias, are building their future in their own country.
A report by Professor Biermayr from Georgetown University in Washington has shown that Trias has had a big impact on the lives of female farmers in Latin America.
Como presidenta de una cooperativa en El Salvador, Blanca Perdomo ha recibido el Womed Award, entregado por la Reina Mathilde de Bélgica. Aprendí todo en mi cooperativa, nos cuenta.
With the support of YOUCA, Trias is moving faster, to offer young people in El Salvador opportunities for a dignified future. That is urgent, according to a UN report.
Men need to understand that women are equally important in the development process. This is what country director, Januario Ntungwa of Trias Uganda said during the EDD in Brussels.
Coffee usually evokes thoughts of fair trade and empowerment, rather than the obstacles female coffee producers face. Trias Central America aims to turn the tide with a seminal study.