This is a day aimed at raising awareness of the intergenerational barriers experienced by young people and to take action to ensure that they are not left behind.
Trias Southeast Asia had a successful launching event on the 4 August of the Trias SEA's Manual on Gender and Inclusivity.
On 27 June Trias highlights that the key to sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship is a vibrant sector of micro, small and medium enterprises worldwide.
Despite the tough time farmers in Tigaon are having because of the COVID-19 crisis, they are distributing free milk to 400 healthcare workers and vulnerable families in their region.
In an ever expanding world, it is necessary to find innovative means for collaboration to remain sustainable. Trias Philippines took initiative by partnering with Cuso from Canada.
Trias Philippines trained 21 business advisors from local entrepreneurs’ associations to enable them to provide guidance to thousands of vulnerable entrepreneurs.
Filipino farmer Rosalina Malubay spent most of her life in extreme poverty. With support from Trias, she has now become a successful farmer.
'I now have a totally different perspective on development cooperation,' said business consultant Bruno Put after conducting an internal audit at the Trias Philippines office.
Every year, the Villar Sipag Awards reward the twenty best entrepreneurial projects combatting poverty in the Philippines. This year two of Trias’ partners will be recognised.