Whatever your name or nationality, we all have dreams. However, the hopes of most people on our planet are thwarted by poverty, illiteracy, corruption or discrimination. Every day, such obstacles cause the talents of hundreds of millions of people go to waste. 

Trias combats the barriers to self-development that are currently holding enterprising people around the world back from fulfilling their ambitions. This is our mission.

We ensure that people work together, regardless of their race, age or gender. By supporting their farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ associations, we create a strong and sustainable basis to raise family income and transform entire communities.

Development cooperation is a matter of like-minded people working across borders to promote mutual self-development. This is our vision.

This is why Trias also functions as a hub for international cooperation between enterprising people. We seek to facilitate knowledge exchange between equals, firm in the belief that the disadvantaged family farmers and small business owners we work with can make their own dreams come true.