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Field knowledge in Asia, Africa and Latin America
Field knowledge in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Country and Regional Directors

Attained two master’s degrees in bio-engineering at the University of Leuven. Gained nine years of field experience in the Andes Mountains with SNV. Lieve joined Trias Andes in 2009. As a regional director, she guides eleven team members in supporting the chain development of farming organisations in Peru and Ecuador.

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Studied Economic Sciences and Anthropology at the University of Leuven. Astrid first worked 4 years in El Salvador advising Farmer and MicroFinance and entrepreneurship organizations; during 2 years then established the Integration Service of the City of Leuven. In 2004 she was apointed as the Regional Director of Trias Centroamérica, where Astrid leads a mulitcultural team of 10 experts in strategic relationship building with 9 local partners.

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Attained university diplomas in Business Management and Economy in the south of Brazil. Gisele gained her first job experience working for Accenture and Ernst & Young. In 2011 she made the move to Trias Brazil, a team of three. In 2014 she climbed the ladder to become National Director.

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Attained a master’s degree in Business Sciences. Started out her career in rural microfinancing and development cooperation. Since 1996, Gudrun has devoted herself to economic development in the Philippines. As National Director for Trias Philippines, she leads a team of eight people.

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Received his master’s in African Languages and Cultures, specialising in International Relations and Business. Bart worked for Solidagro in Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. After a brief intermediary period working at the Flemish International Centre, Bart came to work at Trias Tanzania. As National Director, he has led 17 team members since 2014.

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Studied African Languages and Cultures. Also attained a post-graduate degree in International Cooperation. Following her studies, Lies came to work at the headquarters of Trias in Belgium. Lies then moved on to Trias’s Congo office before assuming the role of National Director for Trias Guinea in 2014. Here she leads a team of 12.

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