Three member-based organisations in El Salvador - Confras, Clac and Adel Morazán - started an Inclusion Route in 2014. They developed a strategy and an action plan. Special working groups helped to embed the topic within the organisations' institutions. These working groups are the driver for the behavioural changes in the field.

After 30 months, the member-based organisations have achieved tangible results with the help of Trias:

  • 40 trained women have trained a further 600 women
  • for the first time women and young people have a seat on the organisations' management board
  • 40 men have made a further 170 men aware of equal opportunities
  • the organisations have developed specific services - such as microfinancing - tailored to the needs of women and young people


The Trias workshops have opened my eyes. Although I was abused as a child and as a woman, I always had the feeling that I also have rights. Now I am finally able to talk about those rights. This has increased my self-confidence: now I know how to react in various situations. This has made me a better board member of our coffee cooperative.

Rosa, El Salvador