Following a fi rst trial in Uganda, we are now rolling out our leadership training to the Philippines, where we have trained 148 leaders so far. We also intend to extend our approach from Africa and Asia to Latin America.
  Leaders trained Leaders in training Trainers trained Coaches trained Coordinators trained
Uganda 96 76 24 1* 4
Philippines 148 40 25 19 4
Elsewhere     6 6 6

* In Uganda we mainly work with professional coaches 

I have learnt a lot from my leadership training. Meanwhile I have passed on my experience to other women and I see that it works!

Dinah, Uganda

It may sound strange, but the training has changed my personality. I am now full of self-confidence.

Christine, Philippines

Never before had I participated in such a workshop. Deep inside myself I feel the change.

Teo, Uganda

Now I understand that young people too can grow into strong leaders who help in deciding the course of their membership based organisation.

Arnold, Philippines