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Milk, and you can take a beating

In the Philippines, 30 percent of the population is under the age of 15. Many children are vulnerable to malnutrition. This is also the case in the province of Camarines Sur, where there are many family dairy farmers. Trias brings producers and consumers together.

Step 1: We bring dairy farmers together

Trias strengthens BFDC, a federation of dairy cooperatives with a total of 4,000 members. Points of attention are expansion of production, breed improvement and dairy processing. The federation cooperates with the local authorities to provide milk programs for school children.

Step 2: We strengthen the farmers' lobbying capacity

Also in the Philippines, family farmers can move society if they speak with one voice. That is why members of BFDC take training in advocacy. The farmers learn to negotiate efficiently with local governments to participate in programmes and services. 

Step 3: The farmers as engine of change

The dairy farmers grow self-confidence to take their future and that of their children into own hands. They are increasingly successful in obtaining funds for milk programs and other support from both the national and the local government. These programs guarantee a stable income for farmers, while children have access to nutritious dairy products.

Thank you for your trust in the Filipino farmers!

Support us, as a private individual

By making a one-off donation you support the self-development of Filipino farmers.

Support us, as an organisation

We would be delighted to develop a customised support package for businesses or other organisations that would like to help Filipino farmers move forward. Give Koen Brebels a call on +32 (0)2 548 01 26.

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