Trias celebrates Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day

On 27 June Trias highlights that the key to sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship is a vibrant sector of micro, small and medium enterprises worldwide.

These enterprises stimulate inclusive and sustainable economic growth, job creation and poverty reduction. With Trias we join the 27th June Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day celebration by sharing stories from our partner PATAMABA in the Philippines.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) account for about 90% of all enterprises worldwide and contribute up to 60% to private sector employment. The sector is particularly important as a source of employment for women and young people, ensuring their participation in the economy. MSMEs are also the majority of the world food producers. In the Philippines, MSMEs are the backbone of the economy, comprising 89% of local business establishments.

The arrival of the pandemic presented a major challenge for MSMEs. Economic activity plummeted globally and small-scale entrepreneurs saw their income drop drastically. Digitalisation offered a potential avenue to address the situation and have immense economic impact. Trias Southeast Asia and PATAMABA, a member-based organisation (MBO) comprised mostly of small-scale entrepreneurs, seized this opportunity by creating an online marketing platform.

Purple Market PH is a Facebook shop that features food and non-food products, such as kitchen condiments and homecare essentials, produced by small-scale entrepreneur (SSE) members of PATAMABA. The MBO’s youth branch, PATAMABA Youth, supported the digitalization initiative by producing online marketing materials to promote the products and by managing the Purple Market Facebook shop.

By shifting to online selling, PATAMABA members continued to generate income despite the pandemic. Between October and December 2020, the sales reached around 4,000 euro. This directly benefitted women SSE members of PATAMABA, one of which is Adelia Reyes, a mother of seven, who makes peanut butter:

‘Because of the Purple Market, I was able to improve the quality of my peanut butter product and sell to more customers even during the pandemic. My income increased and this allowed me to support the daily needs of my family and save money for myself.
PATAMABA also gave me the opportunity to teach other women members of the organization how to make peanut butter so that they can also sell them in the Purple Market and earn additional income.’

As of 2021, more than 150 women SSE members from different provinces in the Philippines supply products to the Purple Market. It has become a major financial sustainability initiative as MSMEs face the new normal. PATAMABA continues to provide product development and skills training for other members to become suppliers of products to the Purple Market. 

For more information on the work above you can contact our Trias Philippines team: Felipe Ramiro, Trias South East Asia Regional Director,, Samantha Coronado – Partnerships and Media Officer, and Franklin Bonifacio, OSID advisor,  

You can also check out the Purple Market's Facebook page.