Trias celebrates World Environment Day

'Only One Earth’ was the slogan of the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Environment held in Stockholm. Fifty years on we repeat the slogan as we celebrate World Environment Day.

We shout out for environmental action. #OnlyOneEarth reminds us that sustainable living is key to a healthy environment. There is Only One Earth, and this is a call to take good care of it. Together.

With Trias we join the 5th June World Environmental Day celebration and the call for #OnlyOneEarth by sharing stories from some of our partners in Brazil, where the call to action on climate resilience and environmental action is very much alive. We are inspired by these brave, smart, inspirational leaders who show that willpower and great vision can put whole communities in motion. ​​​​​​​

Located 297 km away from the state capital, the small town of Codajás is immersed in the Amazon Forest and only accessible by boat. Right at the entrance of the town, you can see the influence of the town’s main economy: the açaí. The fruit is a great source of income for the population, but it is also a cause for concern because of its seasonality and the population’s income dependency on the fruit. 

Family farmer Patrício Ramos decided to pursue solutions to the problem of açaí dependency, the lack of farmer credit, and the scarcity of technical assistance. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Patrício, with the support of other colleagues and local stakeholders, decided to revive the credit cooperative in Codajás (previously called Coodcred). 

The Codajás inaugurated their first credit cooperative in 2018, with the support of Cresol Credit System, Trias Brazil and in partnership with strategic stakeholders. The cooperative has brought the population more access to financial services and partnerships, especially to excluded family farmers, including women and youth. It supports the development of projects for productive diversification, land title regularization, and maintenance of local biodiversity coupled with income generation. In contrast to recent histories of environmental degradation in the Amazon Forest, Codajás is an example of how to generate income with historically socially excluded populations through environmental conservation. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

 "We are not only concerned about releasing credit to the producer. We are concerned about supporting them, and this makes a difference. We know the reality of each one of them".

Patrício Ramos, cooperative leader, and Cresol Amazonas board member


We call on everyone to take a moment to learn about the work of our partners in Brazil, and to feel connected with our Earth.

On World Environment day, we remind ourselves that there is no life without a healthy planet, and that we each have a role to play in achieving collective global and transformative change. Let's get together to move from harming to protecting and restoring!

More information on the work featured above can be obtained from the Trias Brazil team: Gisele Obara, Trias Brazil Country Coordinator, and Glauber Alves, Financial and Administrative Officer, and environmental champion Photos © Trilhas Comunicações, Aline Fidelix.

Feel inspired by the work of Trias Brazil by watching this video!