Trias Philippines joins forces with Canadian partner

In an ever expanding world, it is necessary to find innovative means for collaboration to remain sustainable. Trias Philippines took initiative by partnering with Cuso from Canada.
Cuso is a Canadian NGO that focuses on civic empowerment and development in different countries – many of which Trias in present. The model Cuso follows is to provide professional advisors on short term contracts to organisations worldwide, to advise on different matters.
In this year alone, Trias Philippines was able to acquire four advisors who have joined the Trias family as Trias staff. The four advisors all work on various diverse components of Trias’ work in the Philippines:
  • Leonida Tuazon - Training Advisor, working specifically in designing the youth module of the Leadership Trajectory. Leonida has assisted in the implementation of three leadership trajectory trainings for youth in Bicol and Metro Manila. 
  • Calum Lloyd – Business Advisor, working specifically with Trias Philippines local partners in growing and implementing their business module through his in depth expertise and knowledge on Business Planning. 
  • Modesto Borja – Knowledge Management Advisor, working with partners in the Bicol region by expanding their agri-business knowledge as well as assisting in their general directedness as sustainable business. 
  • Ahmed Nassar – Communications and Fundraising Advisor, working with the main office in expanding funding methods and diversifying modes for funding on a regional level. 
Cuso and Trias global are also currently in talks to explore different modes of larger partnerships.