Space for family farmers in Brazil
The dominant agricultural model in Brazil is based on large-scale production of bulk. By way of alternative we increase the effectiveness of family agriculture.
Not every Brazilian is called Ronaldo
In Brazil increasingly more youngster are able to dream of having their business. But the recession and a lack of start-up capital are huge obstacles for many. Trias helps these youngsters.
(Self) respect for Brazilian women
In Brazil 5,000 women are murdered every year, in the countryside particularly machismo rules. We empower women by supporting their economic activities.

Recent newsitems

From mid-February onwards, Belgian retailer Colruyt will be stocking shelves with organic honey sourced from a Brazilian partner of Trias. And we're so excited!
'Only One Earth’ was the slogan of the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Environment held in Stockholm. Fifty years on we repeat the slogan as we celebrate World Environment Day.
Five years ago, Trias, together with Cresol, set up a cooperative microcredit bank in Codajás, a small town in the Amazon rainforest, to benefit local fruit farmers.