Partners in El Salvador

CLAC - website
International fair trade organisation that defends the interests of more than 250.000 family farmers in Latin America and the Carribean.
CONFRAS - website
Unites 6,800 family farmers in El Salvador. This member-based organisation promotes a cooperative spirit, sustainable practices and a level playing field in the food chain.
ADEL MORAZAN - website - results
Unites 2,600 family farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs in the Eastern departement of Morazán.

Partner in Honduras

CODIMCA - website
Defends the interests of 6,000 rural women, especially descendants of Garifunas and Lencas.

Partner in Guatemala

ACODIHUE - website
Groups 5,350 small family farmers. Most important crops are coffee, honey and grains.
Member-based organisation with 1,125 small producers of specialty coffees, with special attention for fair trade and environmental standards.
ASDECOHUE - website
Local organisation that stimulates the economic development for 7,640 smalle entrepreneurs.