Mec Idece


Mec Idece is a cooperative microcredit institution located in Kinshasa.
In 2015 Mec Idece grew in many areas: financial management improved, the number of members is rising and the number of credit products is also going up. The organisation launched three new products  specifically for young people. Of the 848 small loans granted in 2015, 525 were aimed at young entrepreneurs. The 3,950 youths associated with Mec Idece represent 30 percent of the total members.
In terms of finances the organisation had three different lines of credit in 2015 worth an annual amount of 787,000 dollars. From the 1,284 loan applications by members, 1,050 were granted. The growth figures helped Mec Idece to open up a new office in Bankana – 140 km east of the capital Kinshasa.