Coprakam is a cooperation of almost 4,000 members. It consists mainly of women who acquire an income with the production of shea butter, groundnuts and honey.

In 2015 the members of Coprakam did not increase, though the cooperation experienced encouraging progress in terms of finances and integrated service provision. For the second year in a row Coprakam registered a slight profit. Part thereof flowed back to the members, the rest was invested by the members in their cooperation. Training is organised to encourage the members to diversify their product range. One of the innovations is lip balm on the basis of shea butter. Coprakam now also has a marketing plan which is aimed, among other things, at an expansion of the number of sales outlets.

The cooperation signed an agreement with the ministry of Water and Forest Management in 2015. Agreements were made with Total about the sale of products in the shops at petrol stations. Coprakam is building a broader visibility on the market, step by step.