BFDC - Facebook
Federation of dairy cattle cooperatives committed to breeding, dairy processing and sales for its 3,865 farmer members.

CANOFECO - website
Confederation that defends the interests of cooperatives representing over 40,000 farmers, fishermen and small-scale entrepreneurs.

KA-ENTREP - website
Supports 625 small-scale entrepreneurs in Manila. The cooperation between members strengthens their collective positioning in the market.

Unites 6,590 members, mainly farmers. The organisation offers microfinancing and creates quality fabric by weaving pineapple fibre using traditional methods.

Defends the rights of 5,950 women who are active in the subsistence economy, both in the countryside and in the city.

TKFPI - Facebook - results
Groups 500 farmers who grow pineapples and bananas in mountain regions. Reforestation represents a significant challenge.

GSAC - Facebook
Cooperative that expanded its program of non-agricultural microlending to agro-development loans and other services in the rice and cocoa sector.

SDCC - website
Cooperative that supports small-scale entrepreneurs with credit and business development services.