Mviwata Arusha


Mviwata Arusha is a regional farmers’ organisation which is part of a national network. The association has 7,652 members from the northern region Arusha. It mainly concerns family farmers, including semi-nomadic cattle breeders of the Masai.

In 2015 Mviwata Arusha made the most significant progress in terms of integrated services. The organisation ensures that its members get easier access to the irrigation infrastructure and training. During the training members get to know improved techniques in honey production, onion growing and poultry farming.

Mviwata Arusha scores less in terms of diversity, even if the attention for the vulnerable position of youths has increased. Enterprising youths can enter contests with their business plan. If they can charm the jury they get access to credits and other services. These efforts should systematically be interwoven in the activities of members in years ahead.