We make leaders look in the mirror - Mirjam Ssenyonga

‘In a membership based organisation the leaders are elected by and for their members. That is the way it should be, after all. But of course this does not mean that all leaders are guided by the general interest.
Our Leadership Route makes leaders look into the mirror: they think about the type of leader they prefer themselves. In a participatory way they learn to make ethical choices that lead to optimal results for themselves, for the other members and the broader community.  
The reactions of the participants to the leadership training are very positive. We make people have a great time while going through a change in behaviour. I have seen shy people with a negative self-image developing into trainers. Isn’t that a great result?’
Mirjam Ssenyonga worked nearly 20 years in Uganda before she joined Trias Philippines in 2015. At Trias, she is the expert par excellence in order to our leadership approach.