Strong leadership changes lives

Member-based associations create opportunities for family farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs to prosper – as long as they have strong leaders guiding the way. 
Now ‘strong’ doesn’t only mean technically competent. It also means a leader who can inspire people to achieve challenging and remarkable results!
‘Strong’ means identifying the changes required, creating a vision to inspire and guide the group through the change process, and mobilising the group members to commit to that change. This is known as transformational leadership. 
Trias and our partners work hard to ensure that women and young people are included in this process so that they too can reach their full leadership potential.
Trias developed the Leadership Trajectory based on scientific research into effective leadership. This comprehensive methodology aims to achieve behavioural change among the current and future leaders of farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ associations.
The Leadership Trajectory goes beyond simply imparting democratic principles on how to correctly and democratically manage member-based association. Instead, the Trajectory makes use of a variety of tried and tested techniques to sustainably contribute to leaders’ personal development and the sustainability of their organisations.
Our trajectory…
  • combines group training and one-on-one coaching
  • focuses on participants’ personal strengths
  • improves competencies and behaviour, rather than knowledge acquisition alone
  • employs a solution-focused approach


The full Leadership Trajectory takes approximately one year and starts with an appraisal exercise to identify the candidates who show coachability and a readiness for change.
These candidates will follow the full Trajectory which includes the basic training course plus a number of additional modules, selected to tackle the competencies that are most important for them individually. Individual coaching sessions help them convert theory into practice.
Participants who show potential get a training as facilitators and coaches to develop the next intake of leaders.
‘In a member-based organisation, the leaders are elected by and for the members, and work in their best interest. Or rather, that’s the way it should be. But of course, in reality, not all leaders are solely motivated by what is in the best interests of the group.
The Trias Leadership Trajectory encourages leaders to look at themselves in the mirror, and to think about what kind of leader they want to be. Through participatory exercises, they learn to make ethical choices that deliver excellent results for the members, for themselves and for the wider community.
The participants’ reactions to the leadership training are always very positive. They enjoy the course and at the same time undergo fundamental changes to their behaviour. I have seen shy people with low self-confidence develop into highly-skilled, competent leaders. We are very pleased with the results achieved.’ - statement by Mirjam Ssenyonga, leadership expert from Trias Philippines

‘It may sound strange, but the training has changed my personality. I am now full of self-confidence.’ - Christine, Philippines

‘Now I understand that young people can also grow into strong leaders, who help to decide the future course of their member-based organisation.’ - Arnold, Philippines

‘Now I always think of change, whereas before I only used to think according to very classical patterns.’ - Thomson, Uganda

‘The training taught me to inspire rather than rule. I now see how we have been messing up. The lessons learned reframed me.’ - Baseeta, Uganda


Following the pilot in Uganda, the Leadership Trajectory is now being rolled out by Trias across three continents: Asia (Philippines), Latin America (Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru) and Africa (Burkina Faso, Congo and Guinea). So far we have trained 376 leaders, 77 facilitators, 26 coaches and 14 coordinators. Between January and August 2017, 62.1% of participants were women and 50.8% were young people.