Using their in-depth knowledge of the local culture, the regional Trias team selects farmers’ or entrepreneurs’ associations with potential. The leaders and members map the organisation’s identity in a participatory and inclusive process. This is the only way to create a widely shared awareness of challenges and opportunities. Ambitions are sharpened and plans ripen.

Trias’ local advisors help the partner to draft a development plan which will set out how the organisation can improve its internal operations and the services it offers to its members. These services might include, for example, providing better access to training, microfinance and markets.

To ensure the farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ associations can implement their plan to the best of their abilities, the Trias teams provide them with a wide range of tools. Funding is and will always remain crucial, but the Trias capacity development toolbox also includes innovative training courses and international exchange programmes.

Only the farmers and entrepreneurs themselves can make their own dreams come true. No-one else can achieve this for them– not even Trias. The services provided by their member-based organisations are therefore crucial tools which enable the farmers and entrepreneurs to invest both in their own livelihoods and in the continued growth and wellbeing of their organisation.

Trias’ local advisors support the farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ associations with their ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities. Every year, the partners measure how the core capacities have evolved using the diagram below, empowering the staff and members to believe that their future is in their own hands. The Cycle of Opportunities marks the start of a lifelong learning cycle for organisations and their members alike.
How to interpret the diagram:
At the start of the partnership, the members decide which capacities they want to work on. Some organisations will choose all seven, others prefer to tackle a subset. The better the partner’s performance in a specific core capacity, the higher the score on the diagram.