Trias connects and empowers small-scale entrepreneurs to pool their strengths and form strong member-based organisations. Together they build a society where everyone has the opportunity to make their dreams a reality in their own community.

The power of our change theory? Strong farmers' and entrepreneurs' organisations are committed to 12 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Trias only works with farmers and entrepreneurs associations that offer vulnerable people the chance to get involved and develop themselves. This helps people in poverty, women and young people to earn their own income.

Agricultural families the world over are the backbone of rural areas. Trias helps them to join forces and form strong farmers' organisations, so these family businesses have the best guarantee of a secure food supply.

The farmers and entrepreneurs associations that Trias empowers are democratic by nature. They give local entrepreneurs opportunities to speak with a united voice and tackle injustice.

Trias works exclusively with farmers and entrepreneurs associations whose priority is to help women develop. And to do this, they can draw on the methodology that we have developed at Trias.

The farmers and entrepreneurs associations that Trias connects and empowers help their members to access knowledge and skills. They organise training and invest in business monitoring.

Small-scale farmers survive by the grace of their natural resources. Together they are stronger in protecting biodiversity and soil fertility.

Trias connects and empowers small-scale entrepreneurs. Their businesses are anchored in the local economy, maximising the opportunities for local employment and sustainable economic growth.

Trias pushes for close dialogue between farmers and entrepreneurs associations all over the world. This way, they become beacons of civil society, contributing to a fair and stable community.

Trias is a staunch advocate for even more local and international cooperation. We bring organisations across the world together to tackle challenges that face us as a planet.

The farmers and entrepreneurs that Trias connects and empowers develop more confidence in themselves. They radiate positive energy from the changes they set in motion, on both an individual and collective level.

By empowering farmers and entrepreneurs associations, we give groups of people the tools to prevent or mitigate the effects of climate change.

Connecting and empowering entrepreneurs boosts their individual and collective self-sufficiency. By supporting farmers and entrepreneurs alike, we bridge the gap between town and country.