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The rich elite in the Philippines never made the fight against poverty a priority. In the countryside particularly, poverty is acute, and some of the worst off are pineapple producers. They are using all their entrepreneurship to upgrade their crop down to the last fibre. Literally and figuratively.

Step 1: We unite the pineapple growers

In the Philippines, Trias strengthens the LPMPC, a co-operative of pineapple growers which on the peninsula of Bicol specialise in processing organic plant waste into high-quality fibres for the textile sector. The underprivileged farmers are able to tap an extra income, provided they meet the actual market demand. We support them to develop a marketing strategy.

Step 2: We take over the production chain

Not just the pineapple growers receive training for the processing of organic waste into high-quality fibres. Women, youngsters and even prisoners are given opportunities to generate an income in this way. The demand for fibres is indeed on the up. Ananas Anam Ltd., for instance, a company active in the social economy, ordered a volume of 500 kg in 2015. For 2016 an agreement has been reached for delivery of 12 tonnes.

Step 3: Time for growth

You can do much more with pineapple fibres then just make clothing. New applications can raise more farmers' families out of poverty. That is why we are supporting LPMPC in contacts with the Philippine Fibre Industry Development Authority and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Thus the co-operative gets access to a support programme for the design and production of new processing units that meet market demand.

Thank you for fulfilling the dreams of Philippino farmers!

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Support us, as an organisation

We would be delighted to develop a customised support package for businesses or other organisations that would like to help Filipino farmers move forward. Give Koen Brebels a call on +32 (0)2 548 01 26.

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