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Young people in Central America have learnt not to get any big ideas. Dreams only end in deep frustration and disappointment. Two million young people are out of work and uneducated. Many flee the country.

Step 1: Overcoming obstacles together

Together with the young people and farming organisations like Clac and Adel Morazan, we are making plans to break down barriers. Our secret? We ensure that Clac has all the knowledge and know-how it needs to stimulate the self-development of these young people.

Step 2: Winning back identity

With the support of Trias and their organisations, young people can follow training courses and win back their self-confidence. We help them to draw up business plans and give those who are new to business the necessary guidance. Exchange with similar experiences from the Andes region and Brazil is for the youth in El Salvador inspiring to think outside the box.

Step 3: Society in motion

Groups of young people learn how to speak as one to their government and other organisations. Together, they're working towards a society in which everyone can let their talents unfold.

With your support, we can make our dreams become a reality. Thanks very much!

Support us, as a private individual

By making a one-off donation you support the self-development of young people in Central America.

Support us, an an organisation

We would be delighted to develop a customised support package for businesses or other organisations that would like to help farmers in Central America move forward. Give Koen Brebels a call on +32 (0)2 548 01 26.

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