Belgian organisations KLJ and Groene Kring advise Brazilian rural youth

Jan Van Wijnsberghe (KLJ) and Bastiaan Viaene (Groene Kring) will travel to Brazil for 3 weeks to provide support and advice on-site to promising youth associations.
Trias has been present since the very beginning of Unicafes, the Brazilian alliance of agricultural cooperatives, in the 1990s. This federation represents the interests of 400,000 rural families nationwide.
Like many other countries, Brazil is facing a declining rural population. According to the latest statistics, 30% of rural young people see no future for themselves in the countryside. To turn the tide, Unicafes has been trying for several years to found a youth work system. So far Trias supporting Unicafes to achieve this objective, but now the organisation wants to stand on its own two feet.
Flemish know-how
'First of all, the Unicafes’ youth movement is in need of a strategic plan,' said Trias- employee Daan Janssens. But where to begin? In order to acquire practical experience, the Brazilian youth were eager to call upon the expertise of KLJ and Groene Kring.
Janssens also emphasised that the Flemish youngsters don’t travel to Brazil with readymade advice. ‘In the southern province Paraná, they will dive into the opportunities and challenges faced by the Brazilian youth for three weeks. They need this period to provide proper advice.’
Workshops and field trips
Vanwijnsberghe and Viaene will cover issues such as business handovers, food security, the rural economy and agricultural training. A whole series of workshops and field trips are scheduled.
Trias has organised meetings between youngsters from Flanders and Latin-America before. ‘This time, it isn’t a noncommittal exchange of ideas. All the activities focus on the strategic plan that the rural youth of Unicafes urgently needs,’ concluded Janssens.