Trias connects young people from Latin America and Flanders

From 3rd to 11th June in Brazil, Trias will bring together young people from Latin America and Flanders to exchange ideas about the most pressing challenges for their organisations.
Trias has already organised two meetings between young people from KLJ and their contemporaries from partner organisations in Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and El Salvador. 'We create space for dialogue so that young people can look for solutions to their problems together. The principle will be the same at the third event in this project,' said Gisele Obara, director of Trias Brazil.
From KLJ, Pieterjan Haghedooren and Gertjan Genbrugge will head to Rio de Janeiro. The topics they are going to talk about are very diverse, from defending interests and job creation to gender and generational conflicts. There will be speakers from the WFO and FAO, as well as Belgian Consul General Bernard Quintin. The three-day workshop must lead to a charter that will be handed over to the Brazilian government.
Field trips
The schedule also includes field trips. The young people will make their first stop at Petrópolis, where they will meet microcredit banks from the Cresol network, which has been supported by Trias for the last 20 years. After this, they will go to the Ibelga institute in Nova Friburgo, and in the state of Minas Gerais, the young people will head to a cooperative and an agricultural business. Finally they will visit an indigenous village.