Screening of 'Gender in Coffee - a documentary' and Q&A


This event has ended. Registration is no longer possible. 


The Partnership for Gender Equity and Trias are proud to invite you to the screening of the film 'Gender in Coffee - a documentary' by Xavier Hamon and Hannah Stapleton. In this film, the makers explore what gender equity means for a coffee family, businesses and drinkers in Central and North America.

Gender equity involves all of us. It affects us in our daily lives and takes on different meaning depending upon our country, our culture, our jobs and our different expression of gender. What does gender equity mean for a coffee family, a roaster or a coffee drinker? How do we relate to and connect with one another around the same passion for coffee?

The screening of the film is followed by brief presentations about how the Partnership for Gender Equity and Trias are responding to the issue in coffee communities. The audience will be invited to reflect on the film and participate in question and answer session to deepen shared understanding on the issue and what can be done.

Kimberly Easson, Founder and Strategic Director of the CQI Partnership for Gender Equity will share her experiences from working more than 20 years with coffee growing communities around the world. You’ll see too why investing in all members of coffee farming families is critical to the wellbeing of the entire coffee supply chain. 
Marc Vogelaers, International Partnerships Manager for Trias, has 30+ years of experience in strenghtening member-based organizations in Latin-America and Asia, with a special focus on gender and youth inclusion. In Latin-America, Trias and CLAC - the Latin-American network for Fairtrade farmers - co-created the gender inclusion trajectory.
For further inquiries please contact Marc Vogelaers at or 02 548 01 27