Stopping the mass-emigration of disadvantaged young people in Central America
In El Salvador, one of the most dangerous countries in the world, a quiet exodus is taking place of young people who are forced to abandon their dreams. Help stop this refugee crisis.
Stop wasting so much talent
Few countries have as many people on the sidelines as El Salvador. Women and youngsters in particular are denied opportunities to show their talent. Trias picks them up.
From co-operation to change in Central America
In El Salvador women are the fifth wheel on the wagon. Unacceptable for a country sliding into a spiral of poverty and violence. Trias puts gender on the agenda, together with the women.

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With the support of YOUCA, Trias is moving faster, to offer young people in El Salvador opportunities for a dignified future. That is urgent, according to a UN report.
Men need to understand that women are equally important in the development process. This is what country director, Januario Ntungwa of Trias Uganda said during the EDD in Brussels.
Coffee usually evokes thoughts of fair trade and empowerment, rather than the obstacles female coffee producers face. Trias Central America aims to turn the tide with a seminal study.