Fighting against imported rice
In the poor country of Guinea, rice is the main staple. Unfortunately the country depends very much on foreign imports. Trias and the local farmers bring about structural change.
Guinean entrepreneurs give themselves credit
In the remote villages of Guinea, farmers and entrepreneurs barely have access to financial services. Trias believes these people should be given opportunities and therefore start-up capital to fulfil their dreams.

Recent newsitems

Trias Guinea is recruiting 9 members of staff to manage 2 extra programmes. 'One year after the Ebola epidemic, Guinea can really use our support', says country director Vanmullem.
In Brussels, Markant awarded the Womed Award to two entrepreneurs from Flanders and Guinea, recognising them as role models for female entrepreneurship.
Markant celebrates Nènè Hadh Cherif as the winner of the Womed Award South. The Guinean entrepreneur explains why her life hasn’t always been a bed of roses.