BFDC - Facebook
A federation of dairy cooperatives committed to breed improvement, dairy processing and sales on behalf of 4,000 farmers.

CANOFECO - website
A confederation that defends the interests of cooperatives representing more than 40,000 farmers, fisherfolk, and small entrepreneurs.

An organization that offers microfinance services and weaves pineapple fibers into high-quality fabric with its 6,590 members, most of whom are family farmers. 

A network that stands up for the rights of 5,950 women who are active in the subsistence and informal economy, both in rural and urban areas.

TKFPI - Facebook - results
A farmers' organization that is grows bananas and pineapples in mountainous areas and, together with its 500 members, are concerned about reforestation.

GSAC - Facebook
Cooperative that expanded its program of non-agricultural microlending to agro-development loans and other services in the rice and cocoa sectors.

SDCC - website
A cooperative that supports small entrepreneurs with credit and business development services.