Chance of failure: 70 per cent
Nashaly wants to stand on her own two feet but will she ever manage? In South Africa, almost 70 per cent of fledgling entrepreneurs goes bankrupt within two years. Will you help us fulfill the dreams of people like Nashaly?
Business opportunities for young entrepreneurs
70 percent of youngsters in South Africa are unemployed. Trias seeks to provide them with the skills, support and opportunities to start, sustain and grow their enterprises.
Creating inclusive township economies
With the high unemployment rates, Trias has aligned itself with local business chambers in addressing urgent needs of small business owners in township areas.

Recent newsitems

Willie Cilliers, president of the George Business Chamber in South Africa, gives a glowing review of his visit to UNIZO at the end of last year.
First minister of the Flanders government, Geert Bourgeois, met entrepreneurs participating in our project run in the Alexandra township in Johannesburg.
It would be wonderful if we were able to create an organisation like Unizo. These are the words of Alison Kelly, the brand-new country director of Trias South Africa.