MVIWATA ARUSHA - Facebook - results
Network of farmer groups with 7,700 members in the Arusha region. The organisation promotes the production of onions, poultry, rice and garlic.

TCCIA ARUSHA - website
Chamber of commerce that supports 1,200 small-scale entrepreneurs in the Arusha region.

Federation of farmer groups in the Manyara region. The 7,500 members cultivate cash crops in order to become an higher income.

Business association that joins forces of 600 small-scale entrepreneurs in the Manyara region.

UCRT - website
Organisation that executes projects in the areas of land use and wildlife management.

TAHA - website
Association that promotes growth in the horticultural sector. Platform for producers, traders, exporters and processors.

Tanzania People and Wildlife Fund (TPW) - website
Organisation that creates win-win solutions for people and wildlife in Tanzania.