Should Ugandan youth allow themselves to dream?
In Uganda, the average woman still has six children, as they are the best guarantee for a careless pension. Trias aims to help young people to make their own dreams come true.
From subsistence farming to commercial farming in Uganda
Have you ever witnessed the zest for life of people who have suddenly discovered they can stand on their own two feet?
No credit, no growth
Microfinance is no miracle solution. But with the necessary support, it is a powerful leverage for development. The results of Trias in Uganda prove this.

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The 23-year-old Hanne Vandersteegen has just started working at Trias' national office in Uganda. 'I'm amazed by the know-how and experience of my colleagues', she says.
Trias partner organisation USSIA has been recognised by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda as an excellent business organisation that strengthens entrepreneurs.
64% of all young people are unemployed in Uganda. Together with its local partners, Trias Uganda helps young people to stand on their own two feet.