Together with Trias, farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ associations assess their progress based on seven core capacities: resource management, member participation, service provision, networking, financial health, leadership and diversity.
To get this cycle up to full speed, the organisations go through six phases:
PHASE 1: Organisational capacity assessment
Experts in the local culture and context, Trias’ regional and country teams select local associations of farmers and entrepreneurs with growth potential. In the first workshop we map out, together with each partner, the identity of the organisation, how it functions and what its ambitions are. 
PHASE 2: Organisational development plan
Our local advisors help farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ associations draw up a development plan where the partners outline how they plan to raise their internal organisation and external service provision to the next level.
PHASE 3: Establishing the baseline
After a thorough survey of the farming and business associations, we establish a baseline using seven key indicators: resource management, membership participation, service provision, customer relations, finances, leadership and diversity. Once this baseline has been established, we can then plot the progress of our partners in figures.
PHASE 4: Executing the development plan
Our local advisors offer the farming and business associations an extensive set of tools to support them in the implementation of/in implementing their organisational development plan. These range from innovative methodologies for local and international knowledge exchange to coaching by external experts and our own.
PHASE 5: Annual review workshop
The farming and business associations meet with our advisors to assess their yearly progress. In this way, our partners develop a thorough and objective overview of their performance.
PHASE 6: Participatory evaluation
The farming and business associations understand that their performance is in their own hands and that they are capable of keeping their organisation on track through continual adjustments. This creates a permanent learning cycle that encourages our partners to improve their performance year after year. That’s the power of People3.