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In the Maï Ndombe province, Trias works with several farmer cooperatives, that consist of both men and women. However, most of the time the men take the lead when it comes to decisions on (commercial) activities on their farm and on the cooperative itself. 

Step 1: We point everyone in the same direction

Trias is sensitizing men and women about how women can be included in decision making, both at household level and in the cooperative where they are member of. 

Step 2: We help women to have a voice in the cooperative

By a special trajectory focusing on leadership, we help farmers organisation to increase the participation of women in the decision making organs of their organisation. 

Step 3: We give training to the female entrepreneurs

The women who have organised themselves in women groups that are member of the cooperative learn which food crop is the most interesting for them to grow and how they can be marketed at the same time also. Next to this, women are also included in activities related to the production and marketing of cash crop of the cooperative. 

Thank you for believing in Congolese women!

Support us, as a private individual

By making a one-off donation you support the self-development of entrepreneurial women in Congo.

Support us, an an organisation

We would be delighted to develop a customised support package for businesses or other organisations that would like to help entrepreneurial women in Congo move forward. Give Koen Brebels a call on +32 (0)2 548 01 26.

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