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Ugandan youth has its own dreams

By 2040, the Ugandan population will have doubled to 70 million . The economy is not able to keep up with the exploding population growth: most young people are unemployed and end up at the edge of society. 

Step 1: Knowledge and skills

Spread throughout the country, Trias supports 30,000 young people who are members of an entrepreneurial or farmers’ association. Through several trainings, they are guided step by step in developing their own sustainable businesses.

Step 2: Access to capital

It is extremely difficult for young people in Uganda to secure a loan, mostly because they lack collateral. We convince microcredit banks to still develop financial products tailored to young starters.

Step 3: Time for growth

With a professional business plan and affordable microcredit young people are ready to explore the market. In this critical growth stage start-ups get the necessary guidance through our partners.

Thank you for your faith in Ugandan youth!

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We would be delighted to develop a customised support package for businesses or other organisations that would like to help Ugandan youth forward. Give Koen Brebels a call on +32 (0)2 548 01 26.

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