Five years ago, Trias, together with Cresol, set up a cooperative microcredit bank in Codajás, a small town in the Amazon rainforest, to benefit local fruit farmers.
Bart (50) sees life from a different perspective since an accident put him in a wheelchair. ‘I really enjoy helping Trias,’ he said.
Trias showed three Brazilian brewers, who create beers using coffee and unknown fruits, around four Flemish craft breweries.
Jan Van Wijnsberghe (KLJ) and Bastiaan Viaene (Groene Kring) will travel to Brazil for 3 weeks to provide support and advice on-site to promising youth associations.
From 3rd to 11th June in Brazil, Trias will bring together young people from Latin America and Flanders to exchange ideas about the most pressing challenges for their organisations.
In Brazil, the parliament and senate have impeached 68-year-old president Dilma Rousseff. A victory for democracy or a coup de théâtre at the common people’s expense?
Trias invited BRS to organise a two-day training course for Brazilian credit cooperatives on the topic of product development, specially tailored to the needs of family farmers.